Welcome to November!


Welcome to November! And yes, it’s a cold start to the off-season!

A few things….

I’ve created a new online section called Resources. It’s available under your Partners menu. It will contain information for volunteers regarding Tourism, the American Giants Museum, and more. It will continue to expand over the off-season.

Volunteers Diane and Steve covered the museum on Halloween and had several trick-o-treaters stop in. Sounds like they had a fun time!

We’ve had interest from area schools and other local entities regarding visiting during the off-season (mostly for the Coal Mine Museum and Elevator Museum), but the turn in the weather has unfortunately canceled these visits.

Currently, we are expecting two new Giants in the Spring, including the Texaco Big Friend giant. I’ll keep you posted as details are finalized.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your time and efforts this season. While starting a new venture is always a learning experience as we adjust to availability and continued construction at the new museum, I think it worked out well and provided a lot of information for next season.

All of you have provided valuable feedback — and the comments of how much you enjoyed it are exciting! As always, please share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

I hope you all return to join us next year. And, if you know of anyone else who would love to be a part of our Team, please let me know or have them contact me at Director@AtlantaIllinoisTourism.com. They can also go to the website to apply as a volunteer.

I’ll continue to be in touch over the off-season, but it will be less frequent, obviously.

I wish all of you a happy and blessed Christmas Season and a very happy New Year!

Scott McCoy
Tourism Director