Atlanta Illinois Tourism INTERNAL: PARTNERS Tour Group: Dickinson Travel (Sep 23)

Tour Group: Dickinson Travel (Sep 23)

Dickinson Travel will visit Atlanta on their Route 66 tour on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

Arrival expected between 8:00am & 8:30am.
Visit length of 20-30 minutes.
50 people, mostly seniors
Coach Bus

They plan on a quick visit (20 minutes) just to see the Bunyon Giant. After speaking with them, they were unaware of the new American Giants Museum and may adjust their itinerary and length of visit. This news post will be updated if the information changes.

UPDATE: Thu, Sep 7, 2023
The Tour is planning to spend more time in Atlanta to see the American Giants Museum. They are staying the night in Normal, Illinois, and plan to depart at 7:15am.